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I always enjoy telling people life-changing news and then seeing how differently they react to it. For example, yesterday and today I’ve been spreading the word about my coming “change of scenery” and as expected, I have received quite a spectrum of responses. The overwhelming majority is “oh, congratulations!” while “what does your boyfriend think” comes in a close second. Then there are the “take me with you”s!), and finally the “why would you want to to a foreign country for that long AGAIN?”s.

To answer each of these responses in order of appearance:

  1. Thanks for the well wishes 🙂
  2. “Mon petit ami” is amazing and extremely supportive.
  3. Unfortunately I can’t fit a normal-sized person in my suitcase, nor carry them in my pocket, but I’ll certainly be up for visitors while I’m abroad!
  4. If you know anything about me, you should already have realized that I love learning about and becoming part of other cultures. Plus I want to work on my French.

I’ll let you know if any new and “interesting” reactions pop up in the coming months…

P.S. Today I received a new response: “So you’re boyfriend’s going with you?” lol. Unfortunately, no, he will be entering the real “working ” world. But hopefully he’ll come to visit!


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More than four months ago I applied to the French Embassy in D.C. in hopes of becoming an “assistante de langue” in France. Yesterday I finally received confirmation that I have been accepted to l’academie de Grenoble. And what a great feeling that is!

Now I have tried several times to keep a blog of my preparations/travels/etc., but I’ve never really been able to keep up with them. Hopefully this time will be different. Check back for more on the waiting game, packing, and finally, LIVING IN THE FRENCH ALPS!

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