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Friendly Visits

Hello blog. Sorry I have been neglecting you, but I am currently living the life of a true traveler with no permanent place to call home. Since May 4th, I have been without an apartment (don’t worry – I planned it that way) and have been hopping around Western Europe ever since. I have visited about 10 different cities and stayed with 4 different friends in Spain, England, Wales, and currently, Northern Ireland. It is here on this friendly and ever-so-green island that I will end my travels – going down to the southern side next week and finally flying out of Dublin on the 27th. The past couple of weeks have been a wild ride and I have lots of crazy travel stories to tell, but not much internet access. This means they will have to wait. Sorry.

On the flip side, life after teaching English in France is looking positive. I’ll get to cantor again after all (yay!), I’m looking forward to some, hopefully, interesting encounters with important people (important to my future career in the international realm, that is), and I’m eager to start working on my next little side project : learning Spanish!  But first order of business is to reconnect with all my family and friends who are still in the Louisiana area, and then find my dream job. For a while I thought the adventure was coming to an end. But now I realize that a new one is just beginning…


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